Five       dimE

Tattoo             Piercing


Must be 18  w/ ID

*For Body Piercing on minors...

- You must be accompanied by a parent

- You must have at least a school ID

- Birth certificate

Our Shop

Our shop is a great place for creativity, art and ideas.

Please understand

In order  for our artists to concentrate on the artwork they are putting on our clients' body,


we would appreciate ..

  • loud talking

  • phone/video calls

  • music/videos 

...Be taken outside. 

Minors that are getting a Piercing service & Well behaved  are allowed. 


 No animals are allowed in the shop. 


We accept cash , debit and credit card.

Tips are never expected but greatly appreciated.


Food and drinks

Are not allowed in the shop.


If you are getting work done and taking a break  to eat, it's fine.


As long as you clean up after yourself.


Alcohol is


allowed in the shop.


We don't mind.


In respect ,

for our




their personal

spaces & beliefs;


Please ask


before you take pictures and/or  videos.